2 Weeks out from Abdominoplasty and Experiencing Increased Swelling and Discomfort

So far very happy that I did it. The recovery...

So far very happy that I did it. The recovery hasn't been too bad. Decided to do it because I had a huge diastasis and lots of extra skin after carrying triplets to 34 weeks.

Today I woke up with increased swelling of the 2-3 inches above my incision. I feel more uncomfortable and have increased "tightness". It doesn't feel soft like fluid accumulation and it doesn't look infected. Today is a holiday so I can't really call the office to have them take a look at it. I'm feeling worried and just wondered if this is normal.

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i had a maxi tuck on sept 29 2009. my drain tubes came out three weeks after surgery. all went well and then i was up alot going to kids games and things and then here comes the swelling. the swelling is tight and right above my pubic bone. i am nervous.. could i be forming a hematoma after three weeks or could it be a result of to much activity? does icing it down help at all?

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Just wondering, what did you doctor say was the reason for the swelling after two weeks? Did you do strenous exercise the day prior to the swelling?
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Everybody has some degree of swelling only 2 weeks after surgery. It takes a full 3-4 months for ALL swelling to be gone.
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whats the cost to get surgery For you stomach? and also for breast lift after a baby born? do u no if insurance will will cover for breast reduction?
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Please know that I personally take all the calls for my patients and the office is covered by me 24/7/365! We did meet right after the weekend and all looked good! No problems at all.
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