Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss (6 Stone / 84lb)

Lost 6st through diet and exercise but was left...

Lost 6st through diet and exercise but was left with overhanging skin past pubic area.

Underwent full abdominoplasty with no liposuction as wasn't required. Was very pleaed with the operation and had the drains removed before I left hospital (2 days post op) I haven't needed painkillers since yesterday.

I am due to see the consultant this Sat 15.08.09 for him to review my progress and have the stitches and sutures removed.

I have one concern I am now 13 days post op and still have bleeding in the middle of my incision. Is this normal?
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He explained the procedure very well and gave me excellent aftercare advice and the incision is placed where it can easily be coverered with underwear.

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you need to get this checked out my wound is now fully closed and healed and im now 21 days post op,i had no discharge at any time.please seek further advice.
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I had a puckered area in the middle of my incision for several weeks, however, the bleeding stopped within a week. I think this area has the most pressure on it & takes the longest to heal. Please let us know what the doctor says about it.
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