Tummy Tuck is Not an Out-patient Surgery, or It Shouldn't Be.

I should have been in the hospital for at least 3...

I should have been in the hospital for at least 3 days. Slicing you open, cutting pieces of you off and stitching you back together, deserves more respect and care than you get. You get woke up and they are putting your clothes on you to be wheeled out the door. Next!

First time getting up to run (that is funny-more like slow motion in pain) to the bathroom, I felt like the front of me was fallin off. Wait until you try to lower yourself down to the toilet. You need stomach muscles to perform this. By the way, best way for someone to help you get up or down is to have them put there arms around your back at the waist line. Never let them lift you by your arms. Hurts.

Anyone dealing with cronic swelling and pain from a tummy tuck? It feels like I had 30 lbs stitched onto the front of me, instead of taking skin and tissue off. I had the Tummy Tuck on Feb, 27,2008. I wish I know what to do to make it better. Very tired od this.


yep they do the surgery and then they hurry you out the door as if nothing even happened yep... got treated the same way. My doctor was no where to be found right after...hmmm
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Im sorry i dont have helpful info for you but i was just wondering how old this post was, i see you had your surgery Feb 2008 but i cant tell by the posting if it has been a year and half later and you are still swollen. Im new to this site and posting and was just wondering.
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It is Sept 11, 09 and it has been over a year since my surgery.
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I didn't realize how big a surgery it was. I don't think that I will ever be painfree. It could be just my body not responding well. I also had a breast reduction done at the same time, and I Love it. No problems with it, only discomfort for a while. Would refer him for Breast Reduction. Dr is a very friendly guy.

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