What to Do to Reduce Swelling After Procedure

I had my abdomen,upper and lower and muffin tops...

i had my abdomen,upper and lower and muffin tops and some around back area done i am still experiencing pretty bad swelling attimes i noticed it is worse if i dont wear a garment at night i had it done on may 13 should i wear my garment every night and for how long

how long should you wear compression garments i am having a lot of swelling if i dont wear one its been 19 days since procedure what should i do to decrease swelling and water retention

I had my lipo on April 29 and wear my garment all the time except when I shower. I have 2, the one given to me post-op that I now wear to work out in and another I bought that is smaller and I wear it most of the time. I was told to wear it always for at least 3 weeks and my docs staff suggested wearing it for 3 months. I'm pretty used to it, and my clothes look great with it on. YOu can see pics on my post under my user name. Try taking systemic enzymes on empty stomaach too. Good Vitamin store can give you info. Good luck
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