Swelling After Temescent Liposuction

It was great. I would do it again! I would...

It was great. I would do it again! I would recommend anyone to have this procedure done. i have 1 day after surgery an the only problem I have is swelling. which is to be expected.

What is the best thing to do after Tumescent Liposuction for swelling?

Stephen Becker

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Check out Dr. Bonelli in palm harbor, fl...excellent results and only $1500 per body part
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I am considering having the Tumescent Lipo and can travel anywhere in the U.S. to have it done, even with some down time included. Is Dr. Becker Board Certified, etc.? While I am looking to save money, I notice that different areas of the country have VERY different prices. Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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Dr. Hall in Scottsdale AZ is amazing...got my tumescent lipo there.

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the mess we can't go back, what's done is done. I also had the exact same procedure on my full abdominal, full back and my waist! My procedures were 1 week apart, and I paid 3000$ for all to a obgyn.I am a month in today. My result are amazing compare to my before pictures. I had 7 1/2 lbs from my abdominal and 5lbs from my back. Now in the beginning of my first week yes I was in a lot of pain I end up swelling and harding and yes freaked out. I did consult my obgyn and he told me it was not normal how hard my stomach was. He set me up an appointment for injections of his special remedy, and a massage session once a week. By the second remedy my abdominal started to soften up and smooth out. Today my lower abdominal is the only thing that's a bit hard and that's starting to soften up. I believe with the working out and dancing really helps although I did not start that till 14 days in. I'm also taking mega tea pills because I wasn't using the restroom regular. I went maybe 1 time a week which was not normal, so that definitely help. I started to take those my second visit after I consulted my obgyn. It is definitely important to wear your garment use your arnica cream , take your arnica tablets and drinks lots of lots of water. Drink till you can't drink no more (till you are about to vomit). Get a flat surface massage and massage the areas towards your limp notes they are all around your body. For example if massaging the abdominal push towards your vaginal area you might have a camiltoe forming but is completely normal. Mine was original big already once my fluid begin to drain it freaked me out it was like twice the original size but after the drain its flat as can be, so that's definitely a plus. Remember you got yourself into this ordeal, you must make the best of it. Give it sometime and your results will come as long as you follow those procedures. I hope that was helpful enough I perdict by the end of next month ill have on a 2pc good luck everyone!!!!

Dr Ashworth in Ormond Beach Fl
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You should be walking as much as possible and drinking a gallon of Gatorade for the first several days. These two recommendations combined will make a HUGE difference in your recovery!
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Well 1 day after is much too soon to tell. I am 6 days after and feel like you know what! How ru feeling now???
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