Male, Early 40s, Lipo on Stomach, Flanks & Chest

I am male, early 40s, one week post op lipo on...

I am male, early 40s, one week post op lipo on chest, flanks, and stomach.

I am experiencing pain and swelling, and significant bruising, but feel better than initial days, which were scary, clamy, very pale, knocked me off my feet for days. Could have been the collective result of aggressive surgery and narcotics and general anesthesia.

Surgery was aggressive, significant bruicing and tendernes and pain post op. I wore bandages and velcro vest for one day, but PS said not to wear anything (after he saw my distress; I beleive he was concerned). I have seen him since, and he said the garment helps with swelling, but does not affect result; my skin is elastic. However, I am concenred that it will affect my result given all that I've read about how important it is to wear the garment. Any comments?
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I think you will be fine. Just 4 weeks ago, I have my 2nd lipo surgery on my stomach, back, flanks and iliac crests. I think you just need the right garments that make you feel comfortable. The garments give you a secure feeling; it's all about getting the right one. With the procedure you had done, i would recommend that you go and purchase the tank top compression garment. It is comfortable, durable and looks just like regular clothing and not bulky. There are no straps; as it is a pull over type grament and fits like a tshirt.

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Still in the process of evaluating, but he seemed responsive and listened and examined my condition seriously, and explained. I think it was worth it, but the coming months will tell.

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