Not Too Sure... Concerned About Lipo Results

I am concerned about my results so I can not go in...

I am concerned about my results so I can not go in depth abot the pros and cons. But the pain was not tooo tooo bad. Going between positions (sitting to standing to laying) was UNBEARABLE! but while I was already doing one of those I was fine.

Anyone who has had tumenescent lipo with closed incisions (or anyone else), who noticed NO DIFFERENCE for a few weeks but then were shocked by the results? I am 2 weeks post op, and if it wasn't for the pain and the incisions it looks like i have had NOTHING done and for the most part the swelling has subsided...
It is a gradual proces and depending on your age, it may take a little while longer to see the results you are expecting. Yes diet and exericse is definetly going to help the process. I am not where i want to be, but i know if i continue eating healthy and working out, I will be ready for a two piece by summer. Dont give up or get discourage and defiently dont compare yourself to anybody else. There are so many factors that affect each person. Good Luck.
I've not had the procedure done as of yet. Really thinking about have the procedure.My question does it work(dropping at least 5-6 pants/dress size?
I think you could realistically drop two dress or pants sizes. If you diet and exercise afterward, you can certainly lose more that way. Any surgeon probably won't promise results and most likely wouldn't give you false hopes about losing more sizes than that.
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