Heavier After Liposuction (131lb to 140lb Post-op)

Liposuction was performed on Tummy, hips - love...

Liposuction was performed on Tummy, hips - love handles, bra line to remove stubborn pockets of fat after having 3 children. The results are good so far.

I had tumescent liposuction 3 weeks ago. I do look slimmer but I have gained weight since the procedure. I weighed 131 pre op and am now 140. Is this normal?
I gained like 9 lbs instantly after lipo; took a month to get back down to my pre-surgery weight. I even had to buy new pants because there was no way mine would button or zip. They fit again ;) So i think you're going to be just fine in a short while. Hang in there!
I am 1 week post op for Full TT and lipo of abs, flanks, and hips and like yourself weigh more. The morning after the procedure I weighed 121 and have seen my weigh balloon up to 138 due to swelling. I'm sure that is what accounts for your increased weight as well. Everything I've read says to except most of this swelling to linger for on average 6 weeks. I feel your pain. I feel like a blow fish!

Some weight gain after lipo can be due to fluid retention.

However, some other RealSelfers have reported problems with weight gain after lipo. You might want to network with them and see what their thoughts are too. Here's the link: Did you gain weight after liposuction?

Hope this helps.

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