Will Tubal Ligation 2 Years Later Ruin my Tummy Tuck?

My tummy tuck was successful except the scar...

My tummy tuck was successful except the scar should have been a touch lower. I don't want to ruin anything that was done but I do want a tubal ligation and wonder if it will affect any of the tummy tuck work. I do not want the tubal ligation done vaginally.

I had a full tummy tuck done two years ago after my 2nd child. Now I am considering tubal ligation. Since it will not be done vaginally, I am wondering if the surgery will ruin my tummy tuck.

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hi! i live in southern florida and was wondering who you went to for your surgery? thanks! :)
it may, you would have to talk to your doctor performing it. and depending on how he would stitch you back up. have you considered the alternative method, its called essure, it only takes 15 minutes, no surgery. they place it in your tubes so scar tissue will grow around it and block off any entry for the egg to come down. its ALOT cheaper, it does take 3 months for it to fully form and take affect, but its well worth it better than going back under the knife. i did it, and i dont regret it at all. no pain, just a few small cramps. look it up on the website essure.com
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