Totally Worth It. Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

I read a lot of the reviews before I did this and...

I read a lot of the reviews before I did this and thought they were very helpful in my decision.

I am 45 and started getting puffy under my eyes a few years ago. It was really bugging me. Tried creams etc....they of course did not work. I have an excellent Dr. who is very conservative and honest and I am so happy with the results.

I took one pain pill, 1 week off of work.(though I went back with some bruising) It has been 6 weeks and it's amazing. My Dr. said it will just keep getting better and better over a few months.


Hi, Has anyone had Dr.Shorr or Dr. Hoening for any rivision work? Thanks for any informaton.
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It is really not bad. It doesn't even hurt and you will be so happy. You look like someone punched you out for the first 4-5 days. My doctor is Carolyn Chang. She is awesome. She also did a breast reduction on me and it's amazing. It is an all woman office and her assistants are great. Good
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you're so brave. I want to do it but have to think about it forever first. : ) Glad it went well 4 u. Who was your doctor.??? I live in the bayarea and would like to check him/her out. thx
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