Dental Veneers and No One Knows

I had old white fillings in my front teeth and I...

I had old white fillings in my front teeth and I wanted a white even colored smile.

It took about four weeks to finish but no one knows this isn't my natural smile.


She says it only looks best when the whole mouth is done... More natural. Even points out bad veneer jobs of Hollywood stars that you can see into the sides of their mouth showing back teeth that don't match. I can't afford that and she sounds convincing. However I still think it seems excessive and unnecessary.
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In my experience, for aesthetics you can start with 6 upper or 6 lowers (or both) depends in the gumline, in how many teeth you show when you smile or when you talk. Not everyone shows all their teeth and we can check that out with pictures, take a front picture of you smiling and another in a 45 degree angle of you smiling and that way you will see what people would look when you smile. That way you can have an idea of how many teeth you need to restore. hat's why i always tell my patients to send your photo and we can always discuss your case.
I frequent sarasota a lot and am looking for the right dentist to do my work. I know of one dentist that is well known in the area, but she will only do every single tooth in the mouth, refuses to do say 10_12 the whole mouth ends up being over 40,000 dollars, which I cannot afford. Any recommendations???
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Jenifer C. Back

She was very gentle. The results are amazing. No one knows

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