To B or Not to B? I'd Rather Be a C or D (After Breast Reconstruction)

D/X with breast cancer in April '08. Had...

D/X with breast cancer in April '08. Had bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using tissue expanders, chemo, etc. Expanders were 500cc filled to 1000cc each over a 4 month period (last fill Oct '08).

Replacement surgery was Mar '09. Expanders were replaced with Mentor silicone gel implants, 685cc, moderate height, high profile.

I was expecting these to be larger, but to me they appear rather small. Before mastectomies I was around a 36B/38A/B depending on the bra but now I barely fill an A cup bra.

Was I realistic in hoping for my new 'breasts' to be larger than an A/B cup with 685cc implants after reconstruction? I've seen many photos of women who appear very flat chested who receive 350cc implants and look bigger than mine. I realize that augmentation is different but my implants are almost twice this size but still appear smaller. Any advice is appreciated.

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He is very knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner. He does great work. The incisions healed beautifully and are hardly noticable. I am just really disappointed in the size of my reconstructed breasts after all was said and done.

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