Tip Swelling 2yrs After Rhinoplasty

I had a rhinoplasty 2 years ago (April 07) to...

i had a rhinoplasty 2 years ago (April 07) to reduce the width of my nose and the dorsal hump as well. This goal was achieved but at the 2yr mark I am experiencing some swelling and bulbosity of my nasal tip. The tip was never quite as narrow as I wanted but at the one year mark it was looking better than it does now. I have asked my doctor about this and he says he is not motivated to do a revision and the nose looks good. He says revision can be more harmful than beneficial for very little positive result that I may get.

Can a steriod shot help at this point -- 2yrs post op? Why am I getting swelling still? Can I possibly have more healing time to go? If revision is the only way what can I expect cost wise for a simple refining of the tip? I am Italian and have thicker skin -- could this be the issue and if so what can I do about the skin and the soft tissue swelling I'm seeing?


I am at the one year mark and my tip is still very swollen. It looks so obvious in pictures from the front and the side. My doc wants to do more surgery NOW. Before he said it may take 18 months but not he wants to do revision after 12 months. he really pisses me off. he never told me about taping, massaging or anti inflammatory supplements, which I am trying now. I hope for the best b/c the jerk already charged me 18,000!! I feel riped off even though my ins picked up 13k of the tab. I DO have very thick skin on my nose and I see on this thread that is consistent. The nurse told me to take aspirin 3 weeks after surgery to reduce swelling. it started looking so good, great in fact. then the doc told me I should not take anything and my nose blew right back up. I was so confused and upset. I am still hoping for the best with the swelling and am not wanting to under go surgery again.
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Ymahob, I'm doing through the same thing right now and am at my 2 year mark as well. I have residual swelling in my tip and I assume it's swelling and or a combo w/ scar tissue. I've had 2 shots in the last year that helped a small bit, but not noticeably. I'm not sure what else to do but wait until my 3 year marker, which I've been told by others that it can take that long, particularly for us thick skinned and oily skinned types. I have both thick AND oily, so I'm hoping that I'm just one of those rare few that take that long. I also didn't take the proper precautions during my healing. My doctor actually never recommended them, but I have read the lengths some have gone to tape, inject, and massage their noses post op. I never did any of this till after 1 year, got a couple shots and hoped for the best. Let me know if you learn anything.
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Well, if you have thick skin that might be an issue. Have you changed your diet recently? Started any new meds? Under more stress? Exercising more or differently? Think about the things in the last few months that may have caused this. In any case, if you are dissatisfied with the results, get a second opinion from another certified FACIAL plastic surgeon, notice how I said FACIAL. Also, choose a more experienced doctor who may have dealt with your type of issue before. It's always worth a shot!!
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