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Thermage for the Eyes- Ok Results

I did a lot of research before I made a decision...

I did a lot of research before I made a decision to try thermage done. Of course I was worried that more than 50% of people that wrote reviews did not recommend the procedure. But I really hated how my eyelid started to droop and the whole skin around the eyes looked...old. I had botox under the eyes and crow feets for two years now and i love the results but botox does not address the loss of elasticity. So I decided to spend what i still think is obsene amount of money for vanity and had thermage done months ago.

It wasn't painful and I didn't see any results right away. However three weeks later I saw my left eyebrow was higher than the right and my left eye seemed more open. It wasn't obviuos but it was noticeable. I remebered that during the procedure the nurse spend more time on the left eye than the right one and maybe this explains the difference. I definetly see some improvement but is not as dramatic as I expected and much better on one of my eyes.

I am planning to have Thermage on my whole face next year.

I was recently looking at some old pictures and I...

I was recently looking at some old pictures and I can not help but notice how droopy my eyelids looked;I look at them now and there is much more pronounced difference - there is no droopiness whatsoever. I guess it takes more than a couple of months to see the final results. I am planning to repeat soon for maintenance purposes...

My advise is to really spend some time and analyze whether you are a good candidate for Thermage before you commit to spend so much money. According to what I have researched and seen in my case: you stand a better chance of getting good results if:
- if you are relatively young - 30s-40s
- if you some volume in your face but you have some specific problematic areas - droopy eyelids, droopy jowls..
- if you have an experienced technician/doctor; I don't think that this is a procedure where a certified MD will do better than a technician, experience and common sense is much more important.
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Even though, results are not spectacular, there is still some improvement that you would otherwise only get via eyelid surgery. It's pricey, but I would like to have Thermage done on the whole face.

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The thermage was administered by a technician, not a doctor but she was very epxerienced - her name is CJ and she works in randee elaine, I highly recommend her. They often run promotions, usually in December so you should keep checking for a good price.

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i live in nyc and would love a recommendation for a good doctor. were you happy with yours and would you recommend him?
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The place I went is called randee elaine in the west village; they run promotions from time to time the prices are by far the best.
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Hi... wondering where you went for your thermage...the price seems reasonable!
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