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Whole Face Thermage - Too Much $$$ for Too Short a Benefit

Whole face Thermage--wanted a facelift without...

Whole face Thermage--wanted a facelift without invasion surgery.

Friends said I looked "great!!!" about a month after and surgeon scheduled a photo shot for a year later which was cancelled (?).

Saw real benefits about a month after but a year later, I can honestly say, you'd never know I had it done. And the full face Thermage was $4,000. What a rip.


Thermage is not for everyone. A facelift, browlift and blepharoplasty are the gold standards. However, not everyone wants or can have surgery. The best candidates have thin skin, are close to their ideal body weight and have moderate amount of sagging. Proper expectations are the key to a happy patients. We offer surgical discounts to any persons undergoing thermage who are less than happy with their results. Our full face Thermage is $3000
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Too much money for too short a benefit

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