The Most Painful Procedure

It was the most painful procedure, cost me $3000...

It was the most painful procedure, cost me $3000.00 of my hard earned money and my skin was better before they touched me.

No legal recourse for the lying thieves here in Boise, Idaho. Should be though, it is definitely Fraud!! Should be Reported to the BBB.


You say it was a scam and painful and that your skin was better before she touched you and there was no follow up.... I am confused. I had the procedure yesterday. PRIOR to the scheduling of the procedure I asked QUESTIONS, did you? There is no follow-up to this procedure. When you leave the office you are DONE. That is unless you had burning and scabing of the skin, which is rare. I wouldn't say it was PAINFUL, towards the end of each of the grids completion there was a slight bite but I have had worse from a fly landing on me. Each of us have a different level of "pain" but my physician asked me each time if I was in any type of discomfort. There was one area that was a tad sensitive I told her and she lowered the power. My results upon the completion of the procedure were immediate and will get better with time. When my husband picked me up he also saw the change, and my skin too wasn't that bad it was only loose around my nose and mouth. Sorry you had a bad experience, maybe you should visit the doctor and talk to her and explain how you feel. I think Thermage was great and would reccommend it to anyone.
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Boise Dermatologist

She didn't even offer a follow up. It was a scam all the way. Sorry, but it is what it is.

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