Minimal and Temporary Improvement on Jawline, Stomach and Legs

I had Thermage done last year on my jawline,...

I had Thermage done last year on my jawline, stomach and legs. When I went for my consultation the dr squealed "Oh you are going to love it!" and she didn't even bother looking at my stomach and legs, but because I had heard wonderful things about her (she's one of those "celebrity dermatologist" and she's frequently mentioned on this board),I figured she knew what she was doing. I think she was in the room with me for no more than 45 seconds before she handed me over to her assistant.

When I went for my first appointment the dr. was at the front desk, in her coat, holding her dog, ready to leave. I was puzzled, until I realized that it was not her, but the assistant who was going to give me the thermage treatment. I was extremely disappointed, this was a $7500 procedure, not a $75 pedicure! I should have walked out, but I didn't.

At the end of the 2 sessions the assistant kept saying how she could already see a huge improvement. I didn't see any. I patiently waited and waited and yes, I think after a few months I saw a minor improvement in my jawline (zero in my stomach and legs), but it was temporary and soon after that my skin went back to its previous state. And on top of that, it was a long and painful procedure. It was money thrown out the window.

It looks like this procedure works for a very limited number of people and there is no way to know in advance for whom.


Why should Maya79 or Patpat be wrong? My wife and I had Thermage nearly 3 years ago (in our faces) with terrible results. The visible damages in our faces we try to eliminate so far at all possible with filler. The PS says he have to wait with surgery until the reduction process stops. This will not solve a lot of other problems like pains e. g.
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You are some wrong, the surgery will get the improvement you looking for, but the Thermage prior of any face surgery will help to build the collagen that you are missing, that the surgery will not provided....I work with a great surgeon here in Florida, and he also believe to do Thermage for a good final result!
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I had thermage for the first time in 2004. I had a wattle that I hated. It cost me $1000 and the wattle disappeared after about 4 months. However, thermage is temporary. It lasted 2 years. I had it again in 2006. I won't get it anymore because I decided to save up for a surgical necklift. I am very happy with the results and it is more permanent than thermage.
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