Revisional Double Eyelid Procedure and Epicanthoplasty - Deep Crease on Eyelid Surface when Closed

I had a revisional double eyelid procedure and...

I had a revisional double eyelid procedure and epicanthoplasty performed. My previous double eyelid procedure done about 8 years got a little droopy and I decided to have it done to improve my appearance. I now wish I didn't go through with it. I am really devastated with the outcome and I regret going through this procedure without fully understanding the complications that could potentially arise from a revisional procedure.

I am currently 6 days post op and when I close my eyes there is a small fold of skin/fat resting above the incision which looks really unnatural. When I open my eyes, my lid slides under this fold. When I slightly tug my lower eyelid the surface of it is uneven it's as though I have too much fat on the area above my incision and under my incision there isn't enough fat. Furthermore my left eye can't close fully. I need some advice. Will this problem eventually go away and what can I do to improve the appearance?


first of all
1) the fold thingy you talk about is a static fold that means it's PERMANENT. it means the levator muscle is attached to the tarsal plate. this is perfectly normal, some surgeons do it this way. nothing wrong

2) the lagopthalmos probably resolved itself over time
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