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Terrible Spots After IPL

Terrible pain, terrible results. My skin was fine,...

Terrible pain, terrible results. My skin was fine, just some broken capillaries and now I look like a spotted freak. Please help me since I don't know what to do.

Please, please tell me if my spots will go away. It's been two weeks and they look brighter red than they did a week ago! They were bumpy, but that's gone down, but my skin was clear and now it's terrible. I can't stand to look at myself. I feel like this will never go away.

City Skin and Laser

did not explain anything and has told me I have nothing to worry about

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That's terrible!I hope you've healed since that time. It's now been almost four months since I had two procedures there - botox (which resulted in a black eye for over 14 days and near-paralysis on the entire right side of my face) and swelling and bright spots which are still visible on my left cheek. I still have slight edema under my eyes, which I did not have before. They don't know what they're doing, though I read rave reviews of them on Yelp. I will be writing my own fair review (they referred me to another doctor, but the doctor said he didn't know anything about IPL - so well-intentioned, but useless).(O make matters worse, I now have MORE broken capillaries, which is why I went in the first place!
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Yes the burns eventually healed. They also gave me a refund. I went to them because of great yelp reviews also. But now there are several yelp reviews about burn problems. I don't know why they have such problems with that - before this I have had multiple technicians at different places do laser hair removal and IPL with zero problems.
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I had IPL done 3 weeks ago. I still have swelling under my eyes and many new blood vessels. I would never have this done again and I'm very sorry I did it as I look much worse than I did before the treatment.
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This laser center burned my legs doing laser hair removal.

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Not enough information from you if you really want an effective answer. Please send your pictures. If not, seek consultations with doctors that provide this technology. It is normally VERY effective.
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You should seek another opinion - maybe 2. Did the doctor do the treatment or the nurse? See if you can obtain a copy of your records so that when you obtain another opinion, you will have the information handy.
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