Teeth Whitening Trial at Dentist's Office

I got my teeth cleaned last weekend and my dentist...

I got my teeth cleaned last weekend and my dentist gave me a "teeth whitening trial" for free. She applied it on my teeth for about less than 5 minutes, then removed it.

When I rinsed my mouth, I can taste acid... which I didn't like much. But other than that, my teeth did look whiter (but not in-your-face-white) immediately and my teeth did not feel sensitive or pain at all. I think I will give it another try next time and pay for a full session.


I will be having my teeth whitening next month. All of the horror stories of pain has me scared.
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Well I am due to undergo zoom in an hour's time and I have scared myself stupid with all of these reviews. I am determined to go through with it and will report back truthfully both on the issue of pain and actual whitening results. Until I found this site it didn't even occur to me that the procedure might hurt so I am at least prepared for that. Worst case scenario - loads of pain and no real result. I'll let you know.
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Lily Yang, DDS

Very patient, explained why and how I should take care of my teeth, answered all my questions and offered free teeth whitening without me asking for it.

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