Permanent Make-up Tattoo Removal with Laser Treatment

I had permanent make-up injected into a scar on my...

I had permanent make-up injected into a scar on my cheek to give it some color. It was a disaster. It was too dark and in the wrong spot.

So I've been getting laser treatments to remove it. The scar was flat at the beginning of the laser treatments and after a year of treatments it is slightly raised.

Can a steroid/cortisone injection help decrease it or will it make it sink in and be like a chicken pock scar indented?

Dr. David Goldberg (your treating physician) is quite a laser expert in his own right - being that you invested much time and money in your treatment plan, I would encourage you to direct your important question to him - a panel member on this website as well. Although steroid injections may be an option, one would need to weigh the risks vs. benefits as you had suggested. If there is concern that the raised area is related to the laser treatments, you should ask Dr. Goldberg what your best options are with regard to laser scar revision and/or steroid injections. In any event, it should be addressed. Lori Haney, RN, MEP-C Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer

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