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Looks great but was unconfortable to have done....

Looks great but was unconfortable to have done. Needed more definition to eyes and eye makeup always came off.Make sure they use a brand new needle and have a good reputation.

I had eyeliner tatooing on the lower lids and love them except now I am experiencing swelling. I went to the doctor and took two rounds of prednesone and some antihistamine (for a day, didn't help)and am ready to finish the second and feel like it may start to swell again on one eye. It does some kind of slight throbbing on the lower eye lid. Hoping I am not allergic to the ink, and am wondering if in time I will be able to keep the tatoos. How long can I stay on prednesone? I am taking 4 mg. and at the end of my second dose. Will have to figure out what kind of doctor to see next instead of my regular md.Do you think this will go reaction will subside? Thanks
Michael P Petonak Sr

Make sure you don't have allergies or skin conditions.If so take benadryl or whatever your doctor prescribes for your allergies

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I had iron oxide eyeliner applied. I am so allergic to it and have seen three doctors but no one seems to be able to help. Please, does anyone know what I can do?
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It sounds as the poster seeking help may be allergic to whatever was in the pigment, possibly titanium. You need to go to a GOOD dermatologist, and get a second opinion because you cannot be on the prednisone indefinitely. Did you research the permanent makeup artist prior to getting it done, and if so have they ever seen a reaction like this before? You most likely signed a waiver, releasing that party from any liability if you had an allergic reaction, so there's no recourse. Good luck to you.
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I have permenant eyeliner, the dr. that did mine gave me cold tea bags to help with the swelling an itching. So once I got home I place the tea bags in a styrofoam cup n the freezer and it helped with the itching. I experienced no problems with the procedure. And it does look great!!
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