Medlite C6 Tattoo Removal - Black Lines Turned Red After Treatment

I am currently getting a relatively-large 5 month...

I am currently getting a relatively-large 5 month old tattoo removed with the Medlite C6 from conbio. The tattoo is mostly black / gray and has some slate-blue highlights.

I am actually getting another smaller tattoo treated, which is why it was easy just to do a test area on the newer tattoo. I find that with lidocaine injections the treatments actually do not hurt.

About 6 weeks ago I got 2 one inch square test areas treated and have seen significant fading of the less dense black shading but strange results from the thin black lines. It seems the laser immediately turned the black lines bright red. There is no black ink left visible on the line and it seems the red color is not from irritation of the skin but from some kind of transformation of the ink. Is this possible? The bright red color faded slightly to faint red-orange in about 5 weeks. Has anyone else seen this before? Should we try treating the lines with the wavelength for red? Could it be possible that the tattoo artist mixed a brown or red color in the black ink he used to trace the design with a thin needle? Also, it looks like the blue color was achieved by mixing black and dark blue. Does anyone have any advice or experience in removing this type of pigment. What results can I expect? I appreciate any advice.
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I'm currently having medlite laser removal done right now too. My 1st treatment some of the black lines turned a reddish brown color.
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That is very interesting. I have never really read of that happening. Do you happen to know what type of ink was used for your tattoo?
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I have seen this before. Black ink can oxidize to a red/orange color. However, normally it is cosmetic ink that does this.

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I just recieved my 2nd treatment of the Medlite C6 laser surgery for my tattoo. I started to notice the black ink turning a lil red. I hope this is part of the process. The doctor is going to give me a higher dosage next treatment. I cant wait to see how it turns out...
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