TCA Peel Ruin my Face

Used TCA just for 3 spots of sun damage but the Dr...

Used TCA just for 3 spots of sun damage but the Dr did applyed on all the face to prevent discoloration. Now my face is worse.

Used TCA 50% and now I have brown spots all over my face like hyperpigmentation or signals of acid. How can I lighten the spot ??
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Nobody knows ahead of time how acid it is going to leave the skin for some individually could be worse depending on the skin or how the skin is going to react after such thing...

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TCA peels for spot facial treatments are best used in fair-skinned,sensitive, poor tanning skin types where pigmentation after the procedure is lesss likely. 50% TCA is reported in the literature as a spot agent, but is quite strong. One can use 20-25% TCA in most cases and may need to be repeated. It is common thinking that a full face TCA peel may be better than spot treatments, especially in patients of more light to light olive color and in those who tan easily. Furthermore, 20-30% TCA may be best as a full face peel in those patients. The Obagi peel has been formulated for light and dark skins but takes into visual cues based on a layering of lower percentages of agent, to help the operator offset the tradeoffs of known consequences of deep TCA peeling. The skill and experience of the operator, skin preparation a few weeks before the procedure, and session preparation of the skin are all factors. For pigmentation that follows a TCA peel, usually once can apply 20-25% TCA to improve the post-peel blotches. This also works for post phenol pigmentation splotches and those related to deep laser care. A Wood's UV lamp can be placed against the skin to determine whether the pigment after a peel is superficial or deep. Most post peel pigment problems are superficial. It is best to see a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist to determine the course of action.
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As someone who will get a TCA peel for the first time soon, thank you for the time you took to respond. It was very useful to me.
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Do not treat your self see a BOARD CERTIFIED PS It can be treated with medical grade skin care and chemical peels as well as lightening masks
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Hi this is common when your face is not prepared or cared for after. If you go and get retin A you will see a great improvement. (the reason you have it is your sunscreen is not cant miss ONE day or your hosed) get a better sun screen for both rays. I use CVS 50 and it will work fine. I also use Azaelic Acid cream mixed with over the counter fade cream 2% hydroquinone. My spots are almost gone and now I dont have to wear make up..txture is better because of chem peel. they all work great but have to be used together.
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How long did it take for your Hyperpigmentation to fade to the point where no makeup was needed? The same thing happened to me as this person after a 40% TCA peel, I use makeup now 3 weeks after the peel, my derm has me on a skin lightening cream called Triluma which is a skin bleacher, hydroquinone 4%, and tretinoin .001% nightly.
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Hi, I had the pigmentation quite a while before I went to the dermatologist. But I started on 1% tretinoin had to mix it a bit because I hated the red face deal to a lower concentration.... but I started seeing improvement easily within 6 weeks and it was completely gone after a few months. (that was my skin that responds pretty good so far) . but the hydroquinone was very minimal. I just(a wk ago) did a tca peel 30% w/ a glycolic peel70% .. and I really did see where the tretinoin did prepare my face to get a better peel in the past. So I think you will like your future peels better? Yet the pigmentation I always notice comes on if I try a sunscreen that isnt really protecting. Ive seen research where they reduce the pigmentation from some superficial glycolic or like a 10% tca peel done consecutively so you may even ask your derm on that. You can find alot info on what they are doing for post trauma hyperpigmentation studies and see ifyou can follow what works. For me also consider I was taking azaelic acid at a low level as well and that too could have had an effect on why my pigmentation went away to my happy surprise so quickly. (that I got over the counter on the internet) good luck and happy researching!
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