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25% Tca Chemical Peel Burn on my Back

I had a 25% TCA chemical peel on my back. Most of...

I had a 25% TCA chemical peel on my back. Most of my back peeled and healed properly but my lower back has dark brown blotches.

Does Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation clear on its own? If so how long would that take? And is there anything i can do to speed up the process?
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Good Derm but wouldn't get another peel done.

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Well not yet but maybe its because i haven't been making an effort. I've heard a loofa with a good exfoliator is good followed by some sort of skin whitening lotion to fade to discoloration. If the scars are raised as in like bumpy and raised its most likely a keloid. If you just got it, you still have hope. Put some tea tree oil on it. If you can't get tea tree oil try hydrogen peroxide and hold it on the scar. That should do it.
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Anna, how bad were these scars? I have brown blotches resulting from acne (the scars are shiny and if i move my arm the scar raises). I wonder if yours was the same? did the brown color fade (your upper back)?
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I've read somewhere that once it heals up( meaning you peel and the spots are still there and prominent 2-3+ weeks after) , you can use hyperpigmantation creams, ( bleach creams, or alpha hydraxy) creams to fade out the spots. I've used petroleum jelly during the peel for discoloration. Although my experience has been that if you help peel/pick the skin on your own, ( maybe in your case clothing rubbed against your skin) you will get red spots from premature peeling( like a smooth scab that goes from red to brown )Is that what you have? Personally, i would give it at least couple of weeks before taking the cream route, and protect you back from the sun! Your skin will be extremely vulnerable to sun spots the next couple of months.
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