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TCA Skin Peel Nose Scar (Dent)

I did a TCA skin peel to improve some dark spots...

I did a TCA skin peel to improve some dark spots on my face during the healing process i accidently scratch the tip side of my nose now i have a small dent what can i do it happen 1 week ago

I have a dent in my nose, but this happened after rhinoplasty. I was allergic to the bandages and it 'ate' through a little dent, smaller than yours but about as deep. After the wound healed, my doctor needled the deep scar, in the hopes that the new scarring on top would fill in the hole. It did, after about three treatments. I then got 5 laser treatments to get rid of the bulgy pores. Its still not as nice looking as the rest of my skin, but it has improved heaps.
the higher tca peel you do, the more risky. good idea to have a cosmetic surgeon perform this. i could never trust myself to do this at home and who knows what you are really getting.
i have a similar problem with a dent in my nose and i am also wondering if some kind of surgery is possible. let know if you find anything out. its driving me crazy.
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