TCA Peel 30% - Areas Treated Turned Dark Brown

I chose to use TCA chemical peel because the laser...

I chose to use TCA chemical peel because the laser treatments were much more expensive. I started out getting the TCA chemical peel on my back for a tattoo removal. It was doing pretty good, so I wanted to try it on my face to remove some wrinkles.

My skin did not discolor much at all on my back, so now that it has caused such a major color change on my face, I am concerned.

I had a 30% TCA peel and it turned the areas I had treated dark brown. Is this normal and how long will it last?
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I'm not really sure yet.

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Thank you for your reply. I agree that I should have used about a 20% tca for my first treatment, because I believe I did shock my skin too much, but I just wanted to post an update for anyone who might be going through the same thing. I used hydrocortizone cream and triple antibiotic ointment for the first four days. For the next 5 days I occasionally still used them plus I started using cp serum (google it) and emu oil twice a day. Then two and a half weeks after the first 30% tca treatment, I did a 25% tca treatment and after a 7 days my skin started looking better than it had in years. And I always, always used the highest concentration of sunblock I could find.
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Hello, It sounds like your of a darker skin tone and at times when strong peels like TCA are used so fast without using 10% to 20% first to get the skin used to it without a shock to the cells of the skin.The skin tries to protect itself and gets scabbed and flakey if at this time you dont care for your skin and by making sure to put on lots of sunscreen everyday you can get hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.It sounds like what your descibing is hyperpigmentation.The best way to treat that is to see a professional esthetician or skin specialist and use hydroquinone 4% to ligthen the pigmented pigmented areas so your skin could get even but limit sun exposure and use sunscreen so it does not darken more.Good luck

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