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TCA Peel for Sun Damage - You Look Awful to Begin with and Just when Desperation Hits Your New Skin Appears

I have done numberous TCA peels over the years - I...

I have done numberous TCA peels over the years - I can do a 21% peel left on for 10 min with great results and I maintain with .1 retin a -

I'm still trying to undo sun damage and it's slowly fading away.

My question is If I peel too close together or with too strong an acid what's the worst thing that could happen. Is there a chance it can funamentally change my skin? Will it go so deeply that I will never recover?
Hi - I also purchased my TCA peel from Makeup Artists Choice and was wondering if you could give me any pointers. I am starting out with the 12.5%...I'm not sure what to expect as far as peeling...I am curious as to how I will need to alter my schedule (so I don't go out in public/work looking like I have a 1st degree sunburn). Also, how long before your face peeled? Thanks for your time!
I'm sure that it varies from person to person and on how long you leave the peel on but this has been my experience. My skin turning red seems easy to hide. The part that I find becomes unsightly is the peeling itself. I did a 21% peel on Sunday and todays is Thursday and this will be my worst day. My face usually peels for about 2 days. Just plan 3 days out. I use lots of moisturizer - Usually olay regenerist at night and clinique during the day. depending on what you are trying to do I might recommend some other products too. The main thing I was trying to get rid of uneven skin (dark marks where acne had been), large pores and acne scaring. the peel seems to take care of the pores and the scaring but the skintone was an issue. I tried the full on Obagi nu-skin system. I use it everyday. You can get the products except for the retin a from obagi4less.com Check the obagi.com site for specific instructions. I also broke down and went to the dematologist for retin a and discovered I had rosacea - she gave me some other meds for that.
Hi Nicole, I have done 2 12.5% peels from makeartistschoice and it went very well for me. I did one layer the first time and left it on 5 min. Started peeling about 5 days later (i have very oily skin though) I'd say the first day try to stay indoors. Then I looked fine until the 4-5 day when I started to peel. It just looks like a sunburn peeling. Stay home those days if you are embarrassed. I had to work so I just moisturized alot but most people won't notice unless they are in your face. I did my second 2 layer peel about a month after, that one was a little more intense but same situation. That was 2 months ago. $ days ago I did the 18% and am now peeling faster than the 12%. Also the 18% seems to look darker on the skin before it peels so not so easy to go out with but the results are lookin great. I am very happy so far with tca and they website I bought them from. I will be doing another 18% in 3 months. Good luck
makeupartist choice

I just built up using TCA peel - start out LOW LOW LOW and then build up.

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