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SmartLipo on Knees, Upper/lower Stomach and Flanks

I originally went to get a consultation because my...

I originally went to get a consultation because my knee was totally deformed after I had an accident a year and a half ago. I ended up getting my knee, stomach (upper and lower), and flanks. Still need to get my inner thights done.

I am now 19 days post my smart lipo, and honestly I can see great results. Only concern are some of the lumps that I have.

Doctor recommended but said it was not mandatory that I get the synergie massage, which they gave me one at no cost. Being that not only is it costly $1600.00 for 16 sessions, it was very far for me.

I researched to see if anybody locally practiced the Synergie and came up empty handed. Then I found Endremology, which is a lot cheaper $850 for 14 sessions, and seems to be similar.

Synergie/Endremology after SmartLipo - Would I get the same results without these treatments? Also, I am 3 weeks post op after my smart lipo procedure. I keep my garment on all the time except when excersising in the pool, or like Sunday when I went to the beach which I had it off like 8 hours. I noticed that after a few hours I started getting bloated. Is this normal? IS this going to happen every time I take my garment off?

Redding Dermatologist

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I too am going to interview Dr. Stratt, can you pls tell me how your procedure turned out? Are you trhilled?
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hi, are you going to post some pictures? I'm going to use Dr stratt, but i'm not sure if i should?, what do you think of him and do you recommend him? please let me know as i havent seen much reviews for him.
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Please I want some references about dr. Stratt.
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Hi there, I've had similar problems to you, and what my Doc has said, is that certain foods (even the healthy stuff like wholemeal bread) can be the cause. He told me that white bread toasted would not bloat me. Haven't tried it yet, but there could be some truth to it. Just drink lots of water, take your time to eat and much on grapes and clementines. Also Basmati rice is better for you than brown!
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definately. As I remember, the third and fourth weeks were my worst (felt so swollen / bigger than the first week postop) and to top it off I had to travel for work. The flying added to the swelling. I couldn't find endermologists readily in the cities I was flying into, so I did book some total body and swedish massages while on my trips. Just remember to drink lots of water, wear your compression garments (I alternated with spanx as well) and make friends with your Arnica Montana pills and Arnica cream. You might ask your masseur / masseuse to use arnica cream during your treatments.
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Thanks for the tips. Yesterday was my 4th week post op. I am still sore. There are areas that are hard and lumpy. I wear my compression garment 90% of the time, but I still don't feel like myself. I thought this procedure was going to be a lot smoother than it really is. It just takes longer than what I anticipated. I am using the Arnica Gel, didn't know about the Arnica Montana Pills. Will look into it.
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I had endermology done after I had smartlipo on my outer thighs and flanks March 2009. It's awesome; I started treatment about 1 week postop and it truly helped me heal faster. I paid about $350 for 5 sessions, had about 1 session a month...still have 1 left. I like that it helps with the swelling and the itching / soreness you get under the skin as you're healing. Just remember to drink lots of water before and after endermology.
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Thanks for you comment. I am going to go for a lymphatic massage today, hopefully it helps. I went to an endermology place but didn't like the place nor the people so I opted not to do it with them. It has only been 3 weeks since my smart lipo and sometimes get discouraged as my body doesn't feel right, but understand is part of the healing process. For some reason the last couple of days I have been more swollen that normal. Is this normal?
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