Swollen After Vaser Liposuction on Inner/outer Thighs

I Really wanted to do the Vaser Liposuction, but...

I Really wanted to do the Vaser Liposuction, but the condition that I am in right now does not make me feel good about what I have done,

Its been a week that I had Vaser Liposuction on my inner and outer thighs, but my right outer thigh for the past 2 days has been swollen with red skin and it hurts, and I can not fit in my jeans ??


Hi Bangkok in pain, I did my Vaser on Monday 14th Dec 2009 on both my thigh, plus a touch up for my arms. I did both my arms with the same doctor 5 months ago and I am happy with my arm but I still wanna lose more and therefore a re-touch-up this round. My initial plan was to do it together with my waist, abdomen, love handles but my Doctor advised me not to do so cause I will be in pain and lose too much of blood. I am happy that my Doctor stopped me from doing everything in one goal because it will be really miserable. My thigh is really swollen and I know it is normal, just let the time pass. Take a lot of rest and you will surely recover. Wish us all the best!!
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I just did the vaser liposelection a week ago.. I had it done on my inner thighs, my arms, my abdomen, waist, lovehandles and calves. All in one go. Man, am I so in pain now. I can't have a good sleep without taking any sleeping pills and pain killer. I was planning to have this vaser liposelection operation after I had the traditional liposuction which left me with skin hanging. I am still going thru the same kind of swelling but with more pain. I could feel the hard lumps. I am suffering with the bruises and hard swelling. I hope this is not going to be forever cause I need to get back to work. What am I suppose to do? I am wearing some of the compressor garment and I hope it will help. Any advice will be good for me. Thanks for reading.
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Hello, Im going through the same thing right now and Im wordering has your swelling imporved yet. I cant sleep and have hard painful swelling. My surgery was done 3.30.10 but Im in so much pain I dont know what to do.
Jack Gutman

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