Swollen Above Top Lip After Restylane Touch

The vertical lines above my top lip make me look...

The vertical lines above my top lip make me look like a heavy smoker, I've never smoked, so it's just bad luck I guess... very happy with restylane in nose to mouth lines so thought I'd try these above the top lip.

i had restylane touch injected in the vertical lines above my top lip. I'm pleased with the smoothing of the lines (24 hrs ago), but the area still feels numb, a bit hard and slightly swollen, very little bruising though, just a tiny dot on one side. How long does top lip swelling take to go down? I didn't have it actually into my lips or lip line.
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I had my very first procedure with Restylane for the lip lines 2 weeks ago. The swelling was a couple of days. Use ice packs, and VERY GENTLE massages around the lips. Today, I still feel very SLIGHT soreness, but it is not uncomfortable at all. I do feel little lumps under the lips, but they cannot be seen on the outside of the lips. When do you go back for a follow up appt? Talk to your doc about anything you do not feel comfortable with. GOOD LUCK!!
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