Gained Weight in Waist, Thighs & Flanks Despite Gym Training

I am 36 years old. I work hard to stay in shape. I...

I am 36 years old. I work hard to stay in shape. I have great trainers at one of the top gyms in this country. I eat well,and try to stay with organics,gluten free products. Over the last couple of years my waist grew,actually,my flanks. My thighs did the same. After 2 years of working out I'd thought I'd treat myself to correcting my "problem" areas. I decided to have liposuction.

I wanted to try to stay active and recover ASAP so I didn't take any pain killers or sleeping aids. I went to a lymphatic therapist,and I am still going.

I hope my outcome will be positive but so far its not. The swelling in my flanks are uneven. My thighs swell up every time I work out and unfortunately I look worse now then I did. It's been 3 1/2 months since my surgery so I'm hoping I'm just a slow healer.

What can I do to fix my swollen flanks. One is much larger then the other. My Dr recommended a type of shot but there are side effects I'd rather avoid. Any other suggestions?

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How are your results now? I am 3months post op and still sore and swollen - hoping it will someday get better.
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I'm confused I was told not to wear a compression garment and wasn't told to massage anything..I am one week post op (had vaser lipo) on the belly and flanks..I don't want to hurt my results..When and how should I begin massaging?
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Honestly, I don't understand either why you would have specifically been told to now wear a garment. Even if garments did not help, which they do, they sure as heck would not cause you any damage. I would recommend you go on line right now and buy yourself a garment. A good one is going to cost $100-140, but it is money well spent. In regards to massage, that is easy, just massage yourself but do it in the direction of your lymph system so your body can remove the toxins. In general, you can just rub the area, but make the last few strokes toward your groin area where you have a lot of lymph nodes, your body will take it from there.
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Glad to know I'm not the only one who has swelling. I do wear compression garments,unfortunately I'm unable to wear the full body suit all day. I recently had my arm and lymph nodes swell up. My general Dr checked it out,all seems okay. She just said they get aggravated like any thing else in our bodies that is working overtime. Thanks for the systemic enzyme,I will definitely try it and let you know how it works out. Thanks you both for responding,I thought I was the only one!
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I still have some swelling in my flanks as well and it's been almost 9 months since my lipo surgery. It's periodic though. It seems worse if I'm retaining water so I'm hopeful that it's still all part of the healing process and will eventually go away.
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Try taking a systemic enzyme, they help with inflammation, take 8-10 at a time throughout the day on an empty stomach. One brand name is Wobenzyme-N. They are pricey, but worth the cost. Maybe try other forms of massage for a while, does not seem normal tht 3 1/2 months post-op you still have significant swelling. Are you still wearing a compression garment? YOu might want to do so. Still wearing mine 11 weks post-op. Good luck
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