Still Have a Bump After Septorhinoplasty

It was a pretty easy recovery, and I did it mainly...

It was a pretty easy recovery, and I did it mainly to correct a deviated septum, but also remove a hump on the nose. I wanted a straight profile from the side.

I am a little over one month post-op septorhinoplasty which corrected a deviated septum and was supposed to remove a big hump on the bridge of my nose. There still seems to be a hump on the dorsum, which is irritating and depressing me, as I was hoping to have a straight profile. It is hard, feels like bone, doesn't hurt to apply pressure to it. I am wondering if this is swelling or if it is bone that was not shaved down enough? Thanks for response.


I just got my cast off today and I also noticed a bump at the top my doctor has me doing the nose exercises as well
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i have the same problem today i had thr cast removed on one side my nose looks completely straight and on the other a slight hump. The hump for me to feels like hard bone and is tender to touch, I am going to the doctors tommorrow so will ask about these exercises thanks. I think you just have high expectations and want to see the full results straight away, I ma going to keep positive and hope the final result is how i expect. How long does the swelling take to go down,;: )
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Since you just had the cast off, feel good because time should only make it look better. Unfortunately I am 4.5 months post-op, and that issue remained for me, so it's likely scar tissue, and there is still a slight hump. I am hoping that I can get touch-up surgery, which is a bummer because I think it's going to cost more money :( :( Major swelling really only lasted about 2 months, but even now at the 4.5 month mark my tip is still quite firm. The bottom of the nose where the wall separates the two openings is also unable to be lifted if I apply pressure upwards (just a silly thing I noticed, because I used to be able to press up on it before the surgery). But yeah, the problem I have now is said to be "easily correctable" but the issue with the money is the true bummer.
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He is dedicated and tries to have insurance cover as much if not all of procedure if possible (assuming it's not solely cosmetic as was my case)

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