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I did an AHA chemical peeling on my face for acne...

I did an AHA chemical peeling on my face for acne.It took 3 day for recovering.My physician ask me to repeat the peeling for 4 times.I have to go more 3.But I what to know that if I don't go for the next peeling,what will happen? and will it have a bad effect..Is it necessary to do 4 times??Because I'm a student and I have to go to college.Can't face other with a Peeling skin.Please help me with this...

I've had a chemical peel at home . but after that i couldn't go any where . [well actually i did mine on my vacation] i think you have to schedule your peeling sessions in your vacation too.
Hi Nirmali. Yes it's in Sri Lanka..It costs about Rs.2500 per sitting.and the number of sittings will depend on the condition. I did it for 3 times. but I didn't get very good results.Yes it controls acne for some extent.but not at all. The place is at Bambalapitiya, Lauris road.
Hi where did you do the chemical peeling?. is it in Sri Lanka???how much it cost?. Do you have the telephone number of them. so that I can call them. Have a grate day! Nirmali
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