Understanding Capsular Contracture (200cc Smooth Round Silicone Implants Under the Muscle)

The plastic surgeon I chose is well known for his...

The plastic surgeon I chose is well known for his natural looking breast augmentations and had done many of my friends who were all ecstatic with their results. I wanted small natural looking implants as I have very narrow hips and broad back and did not want to look out of proportion. My breasts had sagged and emptied after motherhood and I wanted to fill out my bikinis and dresses again but not have anyone notice my breasts as having implants.

The consultation and the hospitalization experience very good and only a bit of pain post-operatively. Only real negative was left breast (needed pillows under it to sleep for 4 months, had a bruise on the side of my torso where implant touched my ribcage 2 months after surgery and hurt first time flying).

Follow ups went well and all these early issues all but disappeared. Was told left breast issues due to very developed pectoral and natural larger size. He said it could take up to 2 years to soften and drop to the same degree as the right breast (the difference in 'drop' is only visible to myself). They were asymmetrical to begin with.

However, I am not happy at the moment as the nagging feeling that something was not right with my left breast has escalated and I have noticed that my breasts have not softened but got firmer especially in the last few months, the left being worse. I suspect capsular contracture. I feel my surgeon ignored/skimmed over my early concerns. This may to do with the fact that he has never had a case of capsular contracture in about 20 yrs of practice. As I am not yet sure, the jury (aka 'me') is still out.

A year ago I had 200cc smooth round silicone implants under the muscle. My left breast was larger and has a more developed pectoral muscle. The left breast still feels firmer and uncomfortable (when hugged, leaned on, lying back, etc) a year later. Even my husband notices when hugging me. Is this normal? I suspect I may have Grade II capsular contraction in both breasts but more in the left. However, I wanted to check as it is hard to tell from the symptoms listed on websites. When my breasts are manipulated leaning forward or lying sideways or held from underneath they feel reasonably soft. I suspect this may be because I am feeling my own breast tissue. However, when touched/pressed from the front they are very firm with very little 'give'. When lying on them they feel like flattened implants pushing out under the skin. When moved into the quadrants I can clearly feel the implants edges in both breasts? They don't feel anything like a natural breast. I am always aware of them unless in a bra without the slightest pressure. Could a plastic surgeon provide clarity? I have moved continents and am currently unable to see my original surgeon (member of both local and American society/association of plastic surgeons). Last question - what is the latest on using Zafirlukast - is the evidence still anecdotal? With a capsulectomy what is the average success rate i.e what percentage of women do not have to go for removal? Is it worth a try or better to remove the implants (my incision is under the breast)

I went to new PS who removed scar, cut the capsule...

I went to new PS who removed scar, cut the capsule and lowered the implant. It is now a the same height with no further problem. It was not capsular contracture but a surgeon's error as the problem was there immediately post-surgery and he lied about it dropping as, of course 18 months later, there it was as high as ever. The original PS had made the pocket too high. Only negative is that the scar has a vertical scar when lifting my arm as if the skin was over gathered. But I just won't being playing any beach volley ball.

Always trust your instincts when you know something is wrong and not getting logical explanation from your PS, get a second opinion!!!!

PS's with good reputations sometimes have them due to their high profile and not their actual workmanship.

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