No Difference After 14 Sessions

No Pain after first session.If you read my review...

No Pain after first session.

If you read my review for Thermage, I can happily say no pain. I do have bruising and I will question this tomorrow when I go back. I see no difference.


I would like to get my skin tighter and my cellulite to be smoother, which treatment would be the best for me.
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Good luck with your treatments! You should start feeling and seeing results after about 4-6 treatments depending on the severity of your cellulite. Best of luck!
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Hi Mary - Thanks for posting. Do you have any updates on your results?
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 I posted in the wrong place.  I had no...

 I posted in the wrong place.  I had no change after 8 sessions so they tried 6 more sessions - still no change.  The office was nice and said it was a new technology and refunded my money.  I cannot recommend the procedure


U need to Bo to a site that understands the all those sessions ...what is your bmi. How old. U may be a non candidate... We love smoothshapes..
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Got it. 2009. Hmmm. Lol. R u kidding.... If this was a clearwater Derm. Got it... U need to go to an office that has system and is trained..not a semi ..washed
WOW... Thermage SUCKS
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I do not know yet. I need to see the results and it takes 8 sessions. After 14 sessions, no change

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