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Botox for Crow's Feet and Fine Lines Under Eyes

Yesterday, I had 12 units of Botox injected around...

Yesterday, I had 12 units of Botox injected around my eye area to treat crows feet and fine lines in my under-eye area.

I have read the pros and cons regarding Botox injections online, but can't completely say first hand, yet, because I have only had my first treatment yesterday and the results are not clear yet.

I will say, however, that it was completely painless (the cold of the ice I held onto the area following the injections was more discomfort than the procedure). Also, it was very fast, and I had no signs of having had any sort of treatment whatsoever upon leaving the office.

I am a smoker, (unfortunately, and likely the reason for the lines as I am only in my mid-twenties), and the doctor advised me to wait at least 8 hours after the procedure before smoking so as not to increase circulation and affect the injections. I followed her instructions, and have smoked since (not heavily though). I had not heard of this, and could not find any further information on the internet detailing the relationship between smoking and Botox. So, will this nasty habit of mine affect the ability of the injections? Or had I waited long enough to smoke to be in the clear, so to speak? It's too soon for me to see results. Thank you!
I did it under my eyes and I feel worried now becouse I had just little ones on my rigt sides but after bottox they moved in the inside and are longer, I look older, I have done another bit to make it better but still waiting it goes away, I will need another one but can anybody tell me if it can go worst not better? I thing I need little more too make it better , just past 30 and she's doing just little bit, baby bottox, what do you thing? Is it gonna go in 6 months the way they was before or it stays wrong like now? I prefere my own little under eye wrinkels before.I have done my forehead and it work well but under eye not perfect yet.
Did you get any crepey almost verticle lines coming from the inner corners of your eyes? I'm very concerned about the botox job I just got 3 days ago.
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