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SmartXide for Sun-damage, Acne Scars and Fine Lines

My SmartXide Dot treatment was done on Saturday,...

My SmartXide Dot treatment was done on Saturday, 09/19/2009, primarily wanted it done for sun-damage, acne scars and fine lines.

Nurse put numbing cream on my face for approx. 45 minutes, wiped it off after tingling sensation, indicating the proper affect and procedure began. There was slight discomfort, however not during the entire procedure, only occasionally. Best describe my personal experience to the procedure itself, as tolerable, slight discomfort.

I followed the Docs instructions by using frozen peas and cold towels on my face with a fan blowing on me, to soothe the burning (like a bad sun-burn)sensation which was gone by the next morning. My face was swollen for the first few days and it is now peeling with pink, tender new skin now exposed (Yippee). It was stressed how important it is to stay out of the sun and the nurse equiped me with a paper sheet to cover my head/sides of face in order to drive home (which was not only resourceful of the nurse, but pretty comical to see). On day 5, I put sunscreen all over treated area, put a scarf over my head (draping over sides of face) and a large-brim, bucket style straw hat along with dark sunglasses to go to the grocery store. It was for the sun-protection, but also my face has large areas peeling, blotchey brown spots, and so the scarf helped hide appearance from public, as well as providing protection. There was definitely people staring with curiosity, possibly thoughts that I was someone famous, incognito (LOL)!

Drinking lots of water was recommended as well as...

Drinking lots of water was recommended as well as keeping treated areas moisturized at all times with moisturizing cream which promises for quicker, successful healing which I followed.  Today, 9-days later, my skin is really looking good and fresh!  Neighbors have come by to check it out and agree that the SmartXide laser treatment has given me good results.  It supposed to get even better within 6-months, allowing the rejuvenation of collagen, so I will keep you posted.

Photo Update

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth

Dr. creates a relaxing atmosphere with his calming demeanor making small talk while performing procedure. Nurse compliments Dr.'s demeanor in her gentleness and calming presence.

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I has Smartsize Dot Laser done to face neck and chest 2 years ago. They said I would be able to wear makeup after 5-7 days. It was actually a full 8 days before I felt comfortable going back to work due to extensive peeling and flaking. There was no way I could have put make up on my face. It was about 4 months before I could see any results, and then it looked great for about 9 months - then it seemed that my skin very quickly went back to looking like it did before. After 2 years its like I never did anything at all. I too thought it would delay a face lift. I was 50 when I had it done. I'm now 52 and definately need a lift of some kind. I think there was not enough known to predict how long the results would last, and the length of time is WAY overpromised and under delivered. I've heard the same thing from other people. When you go to truly medical sites they reiterate this. But the doctors sites make wildly optimistic claims. I only found one site after the fact that said the procedure would need to be redone every 18-24 months to maintain results. I would do it again if I had cash to throw around, but don't count on this being something that will last any length of time. I'm sure that the actresses have it done yearly but I can't afford it unless this becomes more affordable. I paid $3,800 for face neck and chest at Innovations Medical Spa in Dallas.
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Greetings....it looks like this procedure was done back in 2009. I'm wondering what further improvements, if any, you've expereinced. Your photos are impressive! Congratulations! I'm having the procedure done later this month....am slightly nervous, but hoping for wonderful results like you've expereinced.
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does any one tell me that should i carry on the smartxde dot therapy because i dont see very goo results for the acne scars please do tell me if any one have experience it and mail me plz plz plzzzz

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I am interested to know if the treatment helped with acne scarring. I'm thinking of having this procedure done, but not quite convinced it will work. Thanks
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I am a 45 year old and had this procedure done April 28th 2010. It's now close to the end of August 2010 so it's been 4 months and I'm beginning to see the benefits really come forth. I too had some acne scarring, large pores and of course those of us who grew up with acne were sun goddesses because tanning helped cover the acne, so I had sun damage. I will be 100% honest with you about the procedure. It's more uncomfortable than they advertise, but very bearable. I had it done on a Wednesday morning and being an accountant who is relied on by many clients, worked that afternoon at a very private office, where I had a twenty year professional and personal relationship with the staff. My face after the topical anesthesia ran off, felt like fire and I took tylenol and dealt with it. The next day, I looked like a steak on a grill with brown and red lines and it looked like I had been in a bomb or explosion. I went to work as it was cosmetic and at that point for me not that uncomfortable. If I had been in a fire or car accident, I would have done the same. I had let everyone know beforehand I was having it done and would be at work and to prepare them told them how I may look. By the weekend, I looked like chicken on the grill, very pale with brown lines, peeling,some scabbing and bleeding, but very mild. This is when it was actually very uncomfortable for me due to the chronic itching feeling. I didn't take Benadryl, but I'm sure that would have helped. We also had record heat near 100 which isn't ordinary for April, so the air conditioning wasn't on and the heat aggravated the discomfort. I had a rough weekend, but it was still tolerable. At that time the areas where there were large pores literally looked like a babies butt, so I was thrilled, but that changes. The entire next week I peeled to the point of extreme. If you can't deal with people seeing you like that, you may want to plan on staying home. After that up to 2 weeks, there were some peeling areas and even some small scaling, but not where everyone was staring (which they did the first 10 days) After 2 weeks it looks like before you had it done, although there's tightening and at that point you say, it wasn't worth it. Then... probably a month later, you start seeing, slowly, the change. I'm writing this to you because it's now becoming visibly noticible 4 months later to me. You look at your face everyday, others don't, they will comment they see a difference after the 2nd week, you won't see that. I visibly see the difference in every aspect beginning to transform from firming, pore size, texture, scarring, discoloration, plumping, above the lip lines, it's really becoming amazing. If you read the experts will tell you 9 months out are when the real results emerge, I would have to agree at this point. It will be great if it gets better than now. I think it's worth it. I spent $2000.00, and I easily spend that in a year on products that only help with the appearance of your skin on the surface, not correct it. To me it was the most natural approach to correct what needed to be done, without chemicals or too much abrasiveness, botox, etc. I did this to prevent a face lift in my late 50's or 60's and I will after a year have it done again to amplify the results. I say do it, but don't expect immediate results. I'll stay in touch with you and let you know additional progress. Good luck
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Great review! Since it has been almost 2 months now, have you seen texture improvements as well. I am mostly interested in the reduction of pore size and oil production if you can comment. Thanks!
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I am 54 years old and definitely have seen improvement from this procedure; also, friends have seen the difference, many amazed at the improvement of my skin. I am so pleased that I wished I would have had the neck/chest area done too. Hopefully, you can see the difference in the before/after photos which were both taken without any facial, base make-up at all (only eye make-up in the after photo). I have seen minor improvement in the lip area, never being a smoker, I'm surprised that my lips have the wrinkles they do, but just age creeping up, I guess. Highly recommend Dr. Caruth for this procedure if you live in the Plano/Dallas area.
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Thank you for this great review. I look forward to your updates. I am a 41 year old woman that really wants to get this procedure done and am loving hearing about the positive results and also about the realistic healing time...I will definitely take time off of work to get this done. My biggest concern is skin elasticity so I know I will have to wait at least 6 months before I see how far the improvement of skin texture goes...but I also have some sun damage and fine lines that I'll be happy to get rid of. I'm wondering if you've noticed a difference on or around the lip area? Thank you!
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Unfortunately, there isn't the improvement in the lip area that I would have liked, however, I am quite wrinkled around the lip and never smoked. I have had Restylane injections around the lip about 5-years ago and saw great improvement, but haven't had it done since then because of the expense.
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