Lumps from Smart Lipo

I had my procedure done a week ago. I am very...

I had my procedure done a week ago. I am very concerned b/c the doctor never informed me of this side effect. I've only read posts from recent smart lipo patients with the similar concern of "lumps" and have not seen any reports on long-term results and the diminishment of lumps. Are these permanent? I am aware that I need to do massage and I will but I feel very discouraged since I paid so much to only be scarred from the procedure.

The doctor was very informative except for the recovery in terms of what to expect. I had very little pain from the procedure and felt almost normal after a week.

I had the procedure to get rid of belly got rid of that but I am scared the lumps won't go away.

I was wondering if the lumps go away from smart lipo?


hi- i know your lipo was a while ago, but i am just curious if your lumps ever went away?? i am 8 weeks post op and still have lumps :-(.
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can you please tell the name of the doctor or the facility you went to in Redlands, because I just went to a consultation from a doctor in Redlands and I'd like to know if were dealing with the same surgeon so that I can know whether or not to expect the outcome you have received in your surgery.
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Hope this helps,

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Name not provided

very kind and spent a lot of time with you. He was very gentle during the procedure.

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