Too Much Fat Taken out

I wanted to smooth my thighs to have a nicer...

I wanted to smooth my thighs to have a nicer transition from hip to thigh, but way too much fat was taken out of my thighs and I look skinny and horrible. I loved my curves- just wanted to make them look better

can I reverse the lipo? Can I gain the fat back? Can my thighs be the way they were before? What can I do?

You should post this as a question to see if you can get some doctors to answer. Did you get this repaired by the way?
I will agree with the former comments. Dr. Verbelyi is very arrogant. In comparing the before/after pictures for a different procedure, I could see no difference whatsoever, and yet he argued that the difference was significant... There is nothing wrong with my eyesight.

Quite argumentative. Would not recommend.
I agree...I went to Dr. Verebylei for Juvederm, and he completely doesn't know what he is doing...I had a big fat bag under one eye for a year...I am glad I only had something done that was not permanent. I am sorry you did not have better results. I would see Dr. Millard and see if he can fix it! I really think Dr. Verebylei is arrogant too, and he needs a lot more experience before he should be allowed to perform lipo or anything else except Botox!
Dr. Verebelyi

He doesn't listen. He doesn't ask enough questions to know what you want. He is arrogant... I knew all this before and made the biggest mistake of my life to still go on with it to not lose my $500 deposit.

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