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Smartlipo to Upper Back & Flanks on July 10, 2009

Pros: reduced love handles Cons: painful...

Pros: reduced love handles
Cons: painful experience

I had this procedure because the fat on my back was getting out of control. I am a mother of four children and my body is beyond what exercise and dieting can repair.

I plan to have a tummy tuck but I feared that upper back fat roll I often see in after pictures. I decided to "test the waters" by having my back done first. I researched a lot and smartlipo sounded like it would be a piece of cake. I was surprized at how painful the anesthesia was. I felt like I was being jabbed in my back and this seemed to go on forever. I was jumping in response to it. Once that was done however, the procedure was pain free. The surgeon explained to me that I have fibrous fat which made it more difficult. I would need to be asleep or atleast in twilight to ever do this again.

I am writing this five days after the procedure. I am very swollen and moderately uncomfortable but I would definitely say this procedure was worth it. I have little to no bruising. I have been taking bromelian with quercetin and arnica montana orally and I believe they have helped. I expect to be back to normal activities within a week. As of now, I am consistent with my pain killer but I still feel like someone has been raking inside of my back.

My upper back looks great but I dont see much difference to my flanks. I will patiently wait for the swelling to subside and my final results to show through. I am already satisfied and I expect things to get better.

Let me add that the compression garment is very uncomfortable but I plan to wear it for one month.

Your results are amazing and your flancks look great!
How did you post your pictures to show side-by-side like that. I would like to do a before and after side-by-side with my pictures. By the way, your results so fare are amazing.
HI! I have downloaded a free picasa picture program and I made a collage and posted it. I would like to add pictures but I dont know how.

It has been just over three weeks since...

It has been just over three weeks since my surgery and I have healed well. I do not feel like I had surgery at all. I have returned to all normal activities. I am happy with my upper back but not with my flanks. I will discuss this with my surgeon at my post op appointment. I am happy with the way she countoured my back and where she placed the incisions. I still feel that I have great improvement and therefore I am glad I did this for myself. I wonder, will my flanks will continue to improve over the next few months? Once I stopped wearing my compression garment for a day or so I noticed that my flanks are still bulky. I look forward to my follow up so that I can hear her professional oppinion on my results. I did not go into this expecting perfection, just progress!  I am grateful.

      I am very unhappy...

      I am very unhappy and confused about my smartlipo results. Please see the photos of me at 2 months post op. Is it my imagination or does my back look worse then before the procedure? I did lose approximately one inch around my upper back. I did not measure any difference around my flank area. I have not gained or lost any weight since the procedure. I recently went to my follow up with the surgeon and asked her oppinion on my results. She said something about not having a good skin tightening result. She agreed to go around my flanks during my tummy tuck at no extra charge. I will be having that procedure in December or January. I still like the surgeon and I am hoping for better results. I do not understand how my back looked so much better right after the procedure but so dramatically different now.  Once I removed the compression garment my true results began to show. I am definitely disappointed.

Yes, I feel that my doctor did the procedure rushed and poorly not only that but they have been very unprofessional about the whole thing. I am very unhappy and would definitely not recommend him to anyone! I'm glad your doctor is working with you; good luck and I hope everything works out!
Are they willing to redo it at no cost are do you have to pay? My doctor is trying to make me pay for a redo...
I am grateful that my surgeon offered to go around my back (redo) during a tummy tuck procedure, at no extra cost. I'm bummed out and confused that my back looked so great and then went back to this mess. I dont even see how that is possible? However, I am still confident in the surgeon and I plan to continue working with her. She's great! I am very comfortable with her. Is your surgeon expecting you to pay full price for a revision? I read that they usually charge half price. As for me, I seen the fat my surgeon removed. I felt the pain. I believe she did a good job but that for whatever reason my body did not respond well. Do you feel that your surgeon did a poor job?

It has been nearly three months and...

It has been nearly three months and I definitely feel that my procedure was a total waste of time and money. I will post pictures after my redo. All I can do is hope for the best.  

Hi Kim! Do you get the e-mail I sent you the other day? Good luck with your doctor and let me know how you make out. Things still haven't changed much for me just waiting to have the redo on the 12th.
Kim - thanks for posting to me today. I had to check out your photos to see your unexpected results. I have to agree with you that everything looks the same as before. Isn't it strange and disappointing to see your body as it should be, only to watch it go back to before surgery? I really do understand your concern. My hips are actually wider in size than before the surgery by an inch - explain that! My doc had the nerve to ask me, "what have you been eating?" and "what is your weight?" He took out about 3 lbs and I am down about 4 lbs so it's not the food! Plus, I am a more on the petite side anyway just had a tough to break pear shape. I will dig up my before photo and post tomorrow. Good luck with the next procedure. Keep us posted!
Hi Kim, No unfortunately I did not have any other consults; wish I invested more time into that aspect. Good news is though I threatened my doctor by saying that I was going to take him to court and finally this week he said that he would redo my upper and lower abdomen on Nov. 12th. I hate threatening people but unfortunately it was the only way they would take me seriously. I am hoping this time goes much better but I am very skeptical. I'll see if I can get up the nerve/courage to post my pics. I had my inner thighs done and they look slightly less flabby, but even 2 months and 2 days into it my thighs are discolored and bumpy; supposedly the legs take the longest to heal at this point I would say it wasn't worth it to get my legs done, but hopefully they will get better over the next month or two... I also had my arms done and it's the only part I am even remotely satisfied with, it seems like the skin is starting to tighten a little. Keep your head up and feel free to e-mail anytime you want to chat

I have gone back to the surgeon again and...

I have gone back to the surgeon again and discussed my disappointment. She even said that my back looks worse than it did before the surgery. She explained that my skin is draping on my upper back. She says my skin did not shrink down after the fat was removed and that there is nothing that can be done about this. I can feel that there is a lot more fat inside of my upper back as well as my lower back/flank area. As for my lower back, she is willing to redo it for free. I have decided not to move forward with my tummy tuck without seeing a better result on my back. I have a consult with a new surgeon next month. This whole experience has been very disappointing!

I dont understand this at all!! I dont know how this could happen. Oh you must be heartbroken. I would! what a crappy doctor!
I am DEVASTSTED! I'm not completely sure I even want her to redo it. I just feel like she owes me a redo. This is my body though and I fear any more regrets!

I had a consult with a new surgeon today and I now...

I had a consult with a new surgeon today and I now have a better understanding of why this happened to my back. Due to my skin collagen I am not an ideal patient for liposuction. Smartlipo did not tighten my skin like it claimed to do. Basically, once the fat is removed my skin does not tighten to the new shape. I wish my the surgeon who performed my smartlipo had recognized this before my procedure. My final decision is that even though I was offered the opportunity to have a revision to my flank area for free, I will not. I do not want this surgeon to work on me again. I like her but not her work. Smartlipo to my upper back and flank area has left me looking worse then I did preop. I am going to accept my back the way it is and now move forward with my tummy tuck January 15th with the new surgeon. I had vagina rejuvination a week ago and I am just going to focus on recovering. I am sad that this did not work out for me but my result is not typical. I have lose skin and bad elasticity.  I wish all of you the best!  

I understand where you are coming from I had lipo done on my sides and flacks June 2009, had it done again in Sept 2009 and it looks the same way I did before I had this procedure done, very unhappy. I am more conscious about now more an ever.

After a lot of thought and prayer I chose to go...

After a lot of thought and prayer I chose to go ahead with a revision to my flank area. The procedure was earlier today and this one was much easier than the last. I am already up moving around and feeling well. I will keep posting pictures as I heal. Once again, I am hopeful! I must add that todays revision was almost painless. The Dr did not use the laser. She lipo'd the flank and hip area. The procedure was at no charge to me. I am thankful and I hope to see better results.

I am writing over a year and a half after the...

I am writing over a year and a half after the origional procedure. I have gained atleast 20lbs since my smartlipo. I am now very grateful that I went forward with my decision to have smartlipo. I have had my ups and downs with the outcome. I looked great immediately after and then even after a revision, I looked worse. My weight flutuates so I am not freaking out about the weight I have gained since this all began. However, my shape has slightly changed. I had the lipo with the goal of losing the roll I was getting in my upper back. I have always been able to notice myself gaining weight by watching that roll. It's gone, even with my weight gain. Typically, at this weight my roll would be at its worst. I like my back now, even at this weight. My skin has tightened and I have great improvement. For a long time I just didnt know what to think. My advice to the ladies stressing out right after surgery is to just to hang in there because it takes a long time to see a final result. If you asked me at 3 months post op if I though this was worth it, I would say no. It took time for my body to show the true result. My fat roll has never returned. After all of my hard feelings I now feel like the surgeon did a good job at the revision. I am thankful. I wish you all the best of luck!

A year is a really long time to see final results. I guess patience is a virtue when you have this done. :-/

5 year revies

It has been almost five years since my original surgery and I would like to say that I am happy with my results. I have gained a lot of weigh while trying to quit cigarettes but my back shape has changed for the better since the surgery, in spite of the weight gain. I would definitely do this again even though it took a long time for me to see positive results. Good luck to any of you on your journeys to better yourself!
Thank you for coming back and updating continuously! Even five years later! :) I am planning to have a similar procedure done, but I cannot find many reviews for upper back liposuction. Yours has really helped me.
Dr. Janet Mckenzie @ Rejuvinate Medspa

I really like my surgeon but I dont think I should recomend her until I see good results. She is very approachable and agreed to help me.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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