Smartlipo - Fat on Belly

I had a smarlipo four days ago. I have swelling...

I had a smarlipo four days ago. I have swelling and bruising now. But I don't feel any pain. I'm wearing compression garment. I just hope time goes fast.

You shouldn't leak beyond the 24 to 36 hour mark so yes, you will have fluid buildup but that is part of the healing process. My doctor said not to expect anything for the first four weeks and that the finished look wouldn't be seen for up to six months. It sounds like you need to relax and let your body heal. I'm in the same boat and want my results NOW but patience is a virtue or so I've heard.
I appreciate your comment. It really helps me emotionally.

I had a smartlipo 4 days ago. I'm a little tiny...

I had a smartlipo 4 days ago. I'm a little tiny woman, but I had a fat on belly. As soon as the operation done, the liquid came out from the little hole, but after coming home I didn't have any leaking. I am concerned what if the liquid still remains in my body? -- Updated on Nov 2, 2009: I had a smartlipo on my abdomen two weeks ago. Now I feel something very hard in it and I have many lumps. Will it go away and how long does it take? Do I need to massage it? Thank your for your reply.
OMG!!! Why don't you call or go back to the doctor that did the procedure??? Why would you post a serious question like that when I'm sure your fee for the procedure included a follow up. Call your doctor!!!
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