Pain and Tingling Four Weeks After SmartLipo

It has been four weeks and im having alot of pain...

it has been four weeks and im having alot of pain in thighs tingling and worried but doctor who did it is not is this normal i have been sitting alot

is tingling and severe aches in the thigh area after four week after smart lipo

Dr. Robert Clinton

the pain is worse than was told

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Good luck. Its been 5 months for me, I had my flanks done and I am in constant pain. I have nerve damage done from it. I hope to God that your pain goes away. Mine just feels like it is tingling all the time with some dull pain. The best to you. Hope you can update.
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thanks for the feeling a little better. went to another DR and he let me know that this is normal..swelling is up and down..Is this the final result or will it look better as time goes...????
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Thanks chhechhe for your comments, it is encouraging that some of the numbing is likely to go away. I am post SL 4 weeks, and i still have some minor numbness and swelling! It is good to know what others have experienced!
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don't worry, this is normal. the pain and tingling will eventually fade, @ 4 weeks, your body is restructuring its lymph system, blood vessels, nerves, etc. my tingling/pain only really stopped (i'm still a bit numb in some areas) at 2 months...good luck and be patient!
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