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Smart Lipo is Not So Smart - Hard Lumps from Tumescent Fluid

I had smart lipo done 7 months ago. I am bumpy,...

I had smart lipo done 7 months ago. I am bumpy, hard in spot, fat spots in other places. The doctor said I would be perfect in a few weeks, with minimal pain.. Not so much- I was still in pain a few weeks later, and I would never dare take my shirt off. It looks like there is an apple pie under my skin. Husband wants to know when I'm getting it fixed. Sister had it done the same time, and is having the same problems.

Dr. said it was fluid that hardend, then it was the tumescence and it would go away after awhile, then it was scar tissue, that he wants to go and laser that away from my muscle. Had a second opinion and the doc said, I was uneven, bumpy, fat still there, and was not done properly. Sister went for a second opinion and that guy said the same thing- I would never do smart lipo again.

I wouldn't be so mad if the Dr. wouldn't have promised me the world. "You are a perfect candidate, you will look like this (and pulled out a swim suit mag), you will be fine in 2 weeks, in a bikini (and even asked for me to send him a picture). No, if you would have said, I can't promise this or that, and I can help remove most of it, but he blew smoke up my XXX.

I'm trying to get my money back, why should I pay for something I did not get. My husband and my sister's husband say's we look worse now then before we had it done...

Dr. Goldfarb

The doctor promises the world and leaves you feeling so secure in the way he does things- then after the procedure gives every reason in the book for why the procedure didn't not turn out - he even went to say it was genetic - the second opinion laughed at that answer.

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hello, I have the same problem, lumpy, bumpy and horrible stomach apperance after surgery. what did you do? will these ever go away? i am desperate...
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Did you find specialist to get it fixed? i had the same issue and it RUINED MY LIFE. vanessanow@yahoo.com
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Wondering If you could e-mail me. framax45@pct.edu...I have a similar problem and went to the same doctor..Let me know. Thank you very much
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I would like to note several things for you and please remember that these are not directed at your doctor but some doctors in general. You results are NOT because of the SmartLipo, per se. Any form of liposuction/liposculpture is a toold - whether it is done by tradiotal liposuction, Vaser, ultrasonic, laser assisted (SmartLipo,Pro Lipo, Slim Lipo, etc), tumescent or any combintation of the above. These are just tools and it is up to the surgeon to utilize those tools to the best advantage and to chose the ones which in his/her hands can achieve a goal as close as possible to what the patient desires. And it is important for the doctor to ask YOU what Your goals are, and not project and tell you what they should be.

You did not have bumps or hard spots to begin with, so it was not genetic. Fluid does not harden; scar tissue and necrosed fat hardens. Any patient should ask questions of their surgeons - what is your background training in medicine/surgery? There are many physicians doing liposculpture, by what ever form, who have never trained in surgery, let along body contouring surgery. How long have you been doing this and what is your training? Again, some physicians take a week end course (or less) and are doing these procedures. Can I see pictures or talk with patients who have had the procedure done?

Check out the stories on RealSelf about the "Lifestyle lift" and the NY attorney general. Your surgeon should be trained in all aspects of body contouring to include the surgical aspect, liposuction (and it's many forms or "tools" as described above. Lasers are not cure alls but can be very beneficial under the right circumstances - limited areas of bulging of fat, limited laxity or drooping of skin, etc. A surgeon with many tools in his arsenal can pick the one which will be most beneficial to you and your anatomical presentation. This is usally a board certified plastic surgeon. They have extensive training in body scultpuring AND in the psychological aspects of body image. If your goals and expectations are beyond what even the best surgeon can accomplish, then you should not have the surgery and an ethical surgeon will tell you he cannot accomplish this. That doesn't mean that complications don't occur with even the best plastic surgeon. But he/she is equipped to deal with them when they occur and more importantly, because of their training, decrease the incidence or risk of it happening to begin with.

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