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Getting Rid of After-baby Fat - Maybe Not So Smart After All

This was a painful way to get minimal results. It...

This was a painful way to get minimal results. It was the "smart" lipo procedure. I have had friends who loved the results with theirs which convinced me to try it out.

I wanted to see some of the "after baby fat" on the bottom of my stomach disappear. I did see something sucked out into several bottles but it must have been from somewhere else. The pooch I wasn't happy with has been replaced with a harder to hide chunk of hard stuff.

It has been almost seven months and I have asked about it to only be told that it will clear up with more time. After checking with other doctors in the area I am told it will have to be redone to fix the first errors.

Make sure you know what you are gettin into and that the doctor you request to do your surgery actually does it, not a partner that you have never met before. The follow up care was non existant and getting in to see the doctor who did the surgery was even difficult.

I had originally talked to the doctor who delivered my babies, Dr. Jed Nesbit. He made most of the arrangements but I ended up seeing someone else from salt lake. I think he was the p.a. not a doctor. It didn't sound like they had any formal training in this procedure. I have had mine fixed by a plastic surgeon named Ralston. He did a great job. This first group has been reported the the Utah Medical Association and I would recommend looking elsewhere. It may cost more at a plastic surgeon clinic but it is worth the extra knowing you won't end up disfigured. SandyMom
Who were your doctors? I'm thinking of getting this done-- Thanks!
I had laser lipo on my abdomen and noticed immediate results. I had a bulge from my delivery and it is now gone! The staff at Mindful Medical talked to me the whole time and kept me at ease. The physician was great. The procedure was uncomfortable at times but the staff helped me focus on other things. The staff answered all my questions. I have recommended Mindful Medical to friends and family and will return for other areas.
Mindful Medical

I didn't get to see the doctor I had initially spoke with on doing the surgery. The doctor who performed the surgery was very nice but overall I was not as comfortable with him. The staff didn't help with comment on the doctor doing my procedure nor did they pay any attention to my surgery and were to busy with dinner plans to listen to my surgeon or me.

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