Smart Lipo in Lower Abdomen! No Bruising!

I weight about 128lbs and i'm a diabetic type 1...

I weight about 128lbs and i'm a diabetic type 1 patient, i just had smart lipo done in my lower abdomen. I am very active and workout about 6 times a week.

The procedure took less than an hour and after that i was well enough to walk around and I even went to the movies. I got the procedure done in the morning around 10 am and it lidocane started to wear off completely around 11pm, it was more uncomfortable but i just took a couple motrins.

The most painful part of the procedure was the doctor putting the lidocane inside my stomach. He cut a small incision and inserted a metal rod and released the medicine all over. After that i didnt feel the laser rod or the suction.

I will keep you guys updated with my recovery.


Its been over 2 months already, i complete 10 massage sessions and i just went back to get my upper abs done =) this is way less painful and i went back to work the next day... its been 4 days now, im still pretty swollen. I ll try to put up pics in a few months when the swelling goes down. Very happy! I recommend
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Please keep posting your updates. I am very interested in getting this procedure but want to make sure it works. Thanks.
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Jeffery Lagrasso

Board certified, no bruising

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