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I chose the laser liposuction because of the skin...

I chose the laser liposuction because of the skin tightening that comes along with it and the small amount of down time involved. I have had a small amount of fat on my lower abdomen since about the age of 13. I am now a 29 year old male and no matter what diet or exercise or weight loss pill I tried I could not get that little bit of fat to go away.

The fluid injection was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure. I never felt the lidocane injections or the incisions. When I was finished they sat me up and I looked down to find that problem area gone!

A couple hours after the procedure I could feel a little pressure because I still have about a litre of fluid left to leak out. If I can figure this out I will post before and after pics in about a month.

USE CAUTION - Dr. Ellison of Trust Embody - refuse to do procedure when I told him I was going to be detailing my adventure on RealSelf! In our initial consultation, Dr. Ellison said I would be a great candidate for Smart Lipo or Exilis and promised I would be happy with the results (or he would keep trying until I got the results). He encouraged me to go home and do my research and decided which one I wanted to do. But when I mentioned in an e-mail following the consultations, that I was researching him and the procedures I wanted done on RealSelf, he changed his mind! One of his office staff (Gail) called and left a message telling me "they could not meet my expectations". When I was confused by her message and called her back, she informed me "the doctor would not do the procedures" and advised me to go "elsewhere for treatment"! WHAT IS THIS DOCTOR HIDING that he's afraid of his patients informing others of the results? SHEEZE!
Thank God for RealSelf and bringing the attitude of this doctor to light!

Thanks Ohiogirl777 for the comment. I will not be going to this place for anything. Let me know if you go somewhere else. Would like to get some reviews before I go ahead with SmartLipo and this really helps.
I'm going for a consultation this week. I'm 50 years old, 5'3", and 155 lbs. I want smartlipo on my abdomen (upper and lower), love handles (aka muffin top), back and possibly under my chin. The procedures I have done, will probably be determined by price. I'm hoping there is a discount for multiple areas, or for paying cash.
Dr. David Ellison - Smart Lipo of Ohio

Great facility with fantastic staff. There was a flat screen television in every room and anything I asked for I received. The doctor talked to me the entire time to make sure I was as pain free as possible.

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