SmartLipo for Tummy Fat and Saggy Arms

I have been struggling with these areas for some...

I have been struggling with these areas for some time and all the exercise in the world didn't give me the results I was hoping for. I heard about Smart Lipo and decided to go for a consultation in nearby Stamford, Ct.

I was amazed at the time the doctors took to explain the procedure to me along with showing before and after photos. I was shown the machine and how the procedure would actually be performed. I went for the procedure on my arms shortly thereafter and was pleasantly surprised at the difference I saw within weeks. I scheduled the procedure for my stomach area a few months later.

Both procedures were relatively short with very little pain afterward. I believe that the collaborative efforts of the two doctors along with the support staff made the process that much more bearable. They are caring sincere individuals and made every effort to make sure you were comfortable at all times. Communication between the doctors during the procedure was impressive also. They were intent on obtaining optimal results and continually considered each other's opinion. They didn't stop there either. Phone calls were made each day after the procedures even on the weekend until I returned to the office for a post op. This type of professionalism was something I hadn't seen in quite some time.

I am now in the procees of scheduling my third procedure with the same group for my hips and thighs. I haven't felt this confident about my appearance in a long time until I did Smart Lipo. I do feel however, the medical group made my decision easier. Sincerely, a greatly satisfied customer

Photo Update

Clean Image Med Spa/ Dr. Ahuja and Dr. Jacobson

Excellent in their craft

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Wow, I can see why you're so pleased! I'd love to see pics in a few months when you're at full effect. Congrats! I wish I had such positivie results.
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If you were awake during the arm procedure, can you tell me if liposuction was performed first, then the SmartLipo, or vice versa? And how long did the doctor use the SmartLipo wand? Mine only used it for maybe 15 seconds each arm, but I think it's supposed to be used longer than that. I'd appreciate your feedback. I think my doc did it wrong and I have no skin tightening whatsoever. Thanks so much!
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Hi there, Yes I was awake during the procedure but liposuction was not performed on me at all. It was strictly the SmartLipo which in itself is a liposuction technique. I'm in my late 50s and still was very staisfied with the results. My before and after photos showed the dramatic difference. If you'd like, you can contact my doctors at Clean Image Spa in Stamford. CT. Good luck and let me know how you make out. Trixie162
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I would love to see your before and after pictures. I'm so happy you had good results. I'm sending a letter demanding a refund to the doc and appreciate any information I can use to help me. Wish I could come to CT to use your doc!
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Hi there, It took me a while but I went to my doctor and he helped me put them on my page. Look at my before and after pictures after only a month. I still get Velashape after the procedure which just fine tunes everything else. My doctors told me that I won't really see the full results for another few months. I'm excited and please remember I'm in my late 50s so a much younger person will get optimum results. Let me know how you make out. trixie 162
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