SmartLipo to Fine Tune Inner/outer Thighs - Highland Park, IL

Had Smart Lipo to fine tune thighs. I couldnt get...

Had Smart Lipo to fine tune thighs. I couldnt get results from diet and excersise. Im happy that the fat is gone. I just dont understand why one leg looks like nothing was done.

I had Smart Lipo 2 weeks ago on my inner and outer thighs. One looks great the other looks like NOTHING was done. Is this normal?

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Too early to tell

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Yes, I have to go back and have my thighs and stomach fixed.
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Thanks for posting an update, Jenny. Just curious what made you rate the procedure as "Not Worth It?" Are you still having problems with unevenness?

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are they even because mine arent and they tell me it will even out and its normal but I have doubts.
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Maybe you just have more swelling on one side?
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my bruising is almost gone. im sure im swollen but my left leg looks like the fat is gone and the right leg looks like nothing was done. i went to one of the best plastic surgeons in the country, he was on oprah for crying out loud! im worried.
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