Treatment Experience Was Good; Compression Garment is Uncomfortable

My treatment experience was good. The pros are...

My treatment experience was good. The pros are that the surgery was straightforward and easy to recover from. I went back to exercise that was not stressing the surgery area four days after the procedure.

Drainage was not bad and for the most part only lasted 24 hours. Cons I'd say are the things they don't tell you, like the numbness and other parasthesias that go along with the healing process; as well as the bumpiness. Having to wear the compression garment is pretty uncomfortable and inconvenient and is causing its own set of symptoms, but I was glad of it the first few days.

Is it really necessary to wear the compression garment the second week? I've heard that it really makes no difference long term beyond the first week. I ask because at this point, wearing the compression garment is causing most of my existing discomfort, as well as being inconvenient.
YES! Go to and read about compression garments. They are CRUCIAL to getting you the best results. Mine is uncomfortable too so I am ordering a new one. They can also do custom ones for $35 more. I plan on wearing my garment for even longer. Yes, I hate it but I am not going through all of this and then risk not getting the full benefits. The compression garment "seals" your layers of skin back together. You had fat removed and the layers are no longer connected like they were before. The compression garment really does matter so I strongly encourage you to find one that fits better so that you feel better in it. There are local companies too where you can go and try them on. Just use Google to find them. Good luck!
The general consensus among Doctors doing this procedure is that wearing compression beyond the first week doesn't make any difference to long term result. I have ordered a spanx-like garment to wear until the swelling goes all the way down, which could be easily another 2-6 weeks
The compression garment is an individual thing. I know of doctors who don't recommend them at all, and others who want their patients to wear it 24/7 for a month or more (obviously this depends on what you had done). How long did your doctor say to wear it? They also make compression garments, like Spanx, that aren't as tight and are more comfortable. You might be able to wean your way into one of those.
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Most experienced doctor with this procedure in the area. Did a good job on the surgery and explained most things well. Less expensive than two others in the area.

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